Kien Viet Ads and Communication Services is the information portal of Architecture & Construction with over 10 years of establishment and development. Being one of the most effective communication channels in planning & architecture, has been reaching a huge number of readers with great influences. Working as a vibrant professional architecture forum in Vietnam, is a renowned reference of materials, technologies, management for architect, engineer and users all around Vietnam.

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Thông tin về website: Tổng lượng visits trong 28 ngày gần đây , Traffice và xếp hạng website ở quốc gia | Nguồn: Similar Web – SimilarWeb là một công cụ phân tích và so sách các website online. Công cụ này giúp bạn so sách và có các số liệu cần thiết về một website cũng như so sánh các website về độ phổ biến và ảnh hưởng


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Vị trí bài PR trên trang – hình ảnh minh họa
1. Vị trí trang chủ, điểm nhấn
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Article on position 1: 7,000,000 VND/day

Article on position 2: 5,000,000 VND/day

Article on position 3: 2,000,000 VND/day

We provide professional advertised writing services in construction and architecture.

2. PR writing service

PR products/ technologies articles: 3,000,000 VND/article

High quality brand articles: 10,000,000 VND/article

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This tool allows you to present the product in a subtle way, while linking directly to the website selling the product. The link will remain permanently along with articles on get the high view which is very useful for:

  • Brand
  • Online Sales
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Please contact us by email and phone number for advice on these services.

  • Communication Strategies:

We provide planning communications services for brands, products, businesses in Architecture – Interior – Planning – Construction.

“Understanding the industry, good planning, strong connection, professional implementation”

That’s our strength.

  • Organizing Events:
  • Organizing Competitions – Awards
  • Filming / editting videos
  • Livestream events
  • Filming / editting videos
  • Publications: Especially the publication of Architecture, Design requires high aesthetic.


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Tel: (024) 668 35231 | Hotline: (84) 0936 104 189
For Ads email: [email protected]
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  1. Spec Go Green Award: The Spec Go Green Architecture Award series last 4 consecutive years. The year 2017 marked the award spreading over Asia.

2. Inax Bathroom Design Award: An award for architectural students in order to look for beautiful bathroom designs, sponsored by Lixil Group.

3. Annual events Architecture Leader Perspectives: This is a series of events aimed at architecture executives sponsored by Lixil Group.

Kiến Việt tổ chức hội thảo quốc tế

4. Livestream interview with Architects

Invested and produced by Kien Viet JSC, the program gets impressed and receives good feedback from the architects.

5. International Workshop GASC:

GASC 2017 is the first event in the series of annual workshops in cooperation between TU Delft University of Technology, National University of Civil Engineering, Hanoi Architectural University and Architecture Club A + G


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