Architect company TVSDESIGN

2700 Promenade Two – 1230 Peachtree NE Atlanta GA 30309 USA
1230 Peachtree Street Northeast Atlanta Georgia 30309 US

In 1968, tvsdesign was founded by Bill Thompson, Tom Ventulett and Ray Stainback to provide inspired design through a close collaborative relationship with our clients. More than 40 years later, having executed millions of square feet around the globe, the firm remains committed to this simple but powerful approach.

At tvsdesign, we imagine more for our clients – from seeing the real potential in a project to finding smart solutions to complex design challenges. We focus on the smallest details, while never losing sight of the big idea, and are therefore able to hone in on a project’s aspects that provide the most value to our clients.

tvsdesign has had a significant influence on cities and the built environment through the design of major urban public spaces in large and small cities throughout the world. By creating good public space that energizes neighborhoods, tvsdesign projects generate additional wealth above and beyond their stated purpose. These are places where people feel that they are part of the dynamism of their city, generating cultural growth and development.

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