Our company : France Vietnam Architecture
 Website : https://www.i-fva.com
 Add: 73B Ly Nam De

 France Vietnam Architecture JSC is a Vietnamese architecture firm founded in 2004. Our projects include large scale urban planning, commercial, institutional, and residential architecture, as well as luxury business centers and commercial interiors. Our projects are concentrated in Vietnam and throughout the greater Asia Pacific region.

 Our Vietnam office is located centrally in Hanoi.

Company Size : 25-99
Job Title :
Architect / Interior Designer

Job Description
 We are looking for qualified architects and interior designers to join our
team in Hanoi as project architects. We are open to different levels of
experience but the candidate must have an open mind and an ability to work well with others. Candidates should be engaged and interested by
contemporary trends in architecture and eager to develop their skills and
architectural vocabulary.

 Architects can also expect the opportunity to travel abroad to monitor our
international projects.

Job Requirement
 Technical skills are of course required, but we accept and emphasize the
importance of the individual to learn and develop.

 All candidates must be able to provide a CV and a portfolio displaying
previous work.


 – Bachelor’s degree in architecture, or equivalent

Computer Skills

 – High level of competency in Autocad, 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop

 Proficiency in English

Preferred language(For applications)

Job Level
 Experienced (Non-Manager)

Job Category
 Architecture/Interior Design

Work Place
 Ha Noi

Salary Range

Job Type
 Full-Time Permanent

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